Mapping information landscapes & Emergent Learning

Personal Research Agenda; Environmental sustainability, architectures of participation

Background; Three factors govern what I now do educationally, in a post-Web2.0 world

1. Being involved in the longest occupation of a UK University, actually Northern Polytechnic in London, for 5 months in 1971; we also occupied the Canteen for 5 years and ran it as a student co-op.

2. Working in government on digital inclusion and realising that, in a representative democracy, no politician is the least bit interested in social inclusion

3. Teaching the Social Impact of Computing and developing my own model of technology-driven social change; NSU, networks, services, users.

Issues; From the first experience, as a key member of the occupation committee, I learnt that socially-organised problem-solving is the best way of understanding anything. Which could be so welcome to this workshop…

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