This blog was originally entitled as Open Academic Practice but, as I am interested in Open Education issues and Open Society issues I will us it for occasional blogs on Open Society & Digital Technology. From that perspectives I have blogged on Mapping Information Landscapes and Emergent Learning and now on creating a Digital Public Space (DiPS) as part of CyberSalon’s work on Digital Citizenship.

This started as my blog for the #fslt12 MOOC run by George Roberts and Jenny Mackness on Open Academic Practice, which ran from May 21st for 5 weeks. My initial posts are reflective posts on my own learning and teaching practice and needs to be completed by May 28th. I posted 5 times to cover this, as I have a lot of experience. So far I have done 4; my curious learning, my confident initial teaching,  Craft of Teaching and An Internet Model of Learning and Teaching and, the most popular one From Access To Content to Context.

My main academic blog is the The Heutagogic Archive.

I have written a complete novel based on reflecting on my learning. It is musical open online creative and free and is what Ronan O’Beirne calls ‘pre-theory” that is it is just stories that you have to think about. It is about the importance of music and relationships during my school years during the sixties and is called 63/68 A Visceral History. Warning contains Beatles and Experiences


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Fred

    Read your (part) Blog on the Occupation of NWP and Northern Poly in 1971. I was part of that, having been on the Student Exec at the Camden Town Precinct of NWP (I remember Mike Hill was SU President at NWP) and yes, I served my time in the Kitchen. Strangely, after a gap of 30 years, while I had taken a temporary contract at London Guildhall University, I found myself involved in yet another University Merger – with PNL!

    Thanks for that…

    • Cool, I eventually got a degree in Politics from City Poly, which became London Guildhall. Some time later I was offered a job in the Computing Dept at UNL, which I took great pleasure in turning down in what had previously been Miller’s office. Shortly thereafter I became Head of Community Programmes at Becta! Thanks for the comment, I’d like to chat as I am writing about that time 🙂 Do you know that the Governors papers ares till locked away after 40years?

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